Before leaving to our cabin I went downtown Stockholm where all the brands are having their flagship stores. Well most of them don’t have one- they have 3 of them on the same street. Tall mausoleumish buildings filled with hope and dreams of how we want to look, feel and be. It was one of the first days of summer and people where filled with dreams of real summer. I just stood in one of those shops and looked for a while. Watched everyone including myself and thought what would an alien think of it all? There are so many things like the racks are bursting. Up to the ceiling stuffed with all our needs or more our wants. People around me where acting crazy. Grabbing stuff, shoving things on the ground, pulling things of the hangers like there was no tomorrow. Many of them with a hunters eye fixed on their prey. And it wasn’t even the sales – well the prices are so cheap I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. And I just thought about all these stuff. Where will it end up? What happens to the things that doesn’t get sold?ย  The things that have to make room for next trend and next season. Is this actually making us happy (-ier)?It all made me a bit dizzy. I also thought about walking in Gent – the town in Belgium where I lived for about 5 years. In middle of town there are at least 4 huge cathedrals (this image shows 3 of them). When I lived there I used to think about how it would feel to be really dirty, unschooled and very poor and then walk these streets between these huge cathedrals 700 years ago when the church had all the power. I think it would scare me shitless, pardon my French. And now these huge shopping institutions is starting to scare me cause where will it all end? What are we becoming? Are we turning into the people left on the spaceship like in the movie Wall -E?