I decided to show you my hood at 0400 hours this morning.ย  After my husband came home from a party at 02.15 I just couldn’t get back to sleep. First I did a tour on the web then I started to realize that a couple of years ago this would be the time when I tipsily strutted home from a club or two which I’m a bit sad to say, just a little sad,ย  doesn’t happen much these day. Since it is the time of year that is almost light around the clock here some people hate that feeling of going home when it’s light. I love it!
Anyway- around 4 a clock I decided to take a walk around my block at Sรถdermalm in Stockholm. Apart from a couple of obious walk of shame’s,ย  some taxi drivers and the newspaper delivery guys I was pretty much alone on the street. Weird feeling being alone in a place where you know that lots of people actually live. Felt a bit like Will Smith must have felt in that Zombie movie when he was all alone in New York.

I love these benches on Sรถdermannagatan. During the day there are small cute round tables that goes with.

Yes this is also a part of town! I actually started to realize this right now. So easy to just hurry past your everyday streets an houses and just see but not look.

Ok – I hear ya!

That would make me a pink, dotted crazy person. Like a pig?

Behind that white door is a nice garden. A friend used to live there so we had some great BBq parties there.

Love her.

Nasty little fella’s

Have the books. Want the tower.

Hey – where did you go?

I used to have loads of those bowling cones, wonder where they are now…

I really want a good office chair cause my back is killing me but I googled this one and 11 000 is a tad to much. Have any tip for me? Office chairs are mostly so damn ugly.

It’s a magic clock that doesn’t work.

It’s now 10.00 hours and I’m now in a kind a ecstatic mood. I do hope it will last.
Have a great day