Hello! I’m on vacation in Corsica there of my lack of content for the blog baby.
I’m eating loads of pain au chocolate, complaining about the kind of cold weather (around 20 degrees Celsius – natives are wearing winter jackets). But it’s great just being with the crazy ones I happen to call family.


Me and Della have also pulled ourselves down from big rocks in the mountains and we jumped these cliffs down in the pond while canyoning. It was great. All the men jumped the highest cliff, when it was my turn the guide showed med a lower one – iwas like but why? I do as the men!! I turned all Famcho again and just had to do it! About 6 meters high. I think Della has that Famcho gene as well. Oh it was so much fun!


When the sun comes out I’m baking myself like it was 1984.
My prediction is that we are going to see more skin cancer after this summer since the last summer was so bad it’s like my body craves laying in the sun like never before. All my cells are screaming for those rays of light.
Gotta go now the pool is calling my name.

Ps, we need to talk about games of thrones soon. I’m catching up and damn it’s so good!