One day when we had lunch this monsieur le waiter was joking around with Beppe alot. After we had eaten he suddenly realized that Beppe was wearing nail polish in different shades. He was suddenly shocked and started to argue with us, not really in a happy banter kind of way but more in a how can you do this to the child. He is a BOY. I started in my very best french to tell him about freedom of mind, happiness with colors and what the hell is the problem if the boy is wearing nail polish if he feels like it?
This made me think about the J crew ad that stirred up some issues a couple of years back when a boy had pink nails. Now when reading more things online about it I must say it’s a shocker how it can be shocking with a boy wearing nail polish? It’s like I heard another mom say. I’m not afraid he will grow up becoming a ninja so why should I be concerned if he wants to dress as a princess? And even if he will go for becoming a princess well- Good for him!

I do love the differences but naturally sometimes it also amazes me. In Sweden we have had restrictions about smoking for years now. And almost none of the people I know smokes or maybe a bit of party smoking. When I grew up everyone smoked andΒ  there was chocolate cigarettes and all that stuff but in Sweden right now I would say it’s taboo with these kind of candy right now. I never smoked and think is a stupid idea but still I had to buy these gums. And what did the kids do? They went around the pool asking if anybody wanted some, having the time of their lives and I won the best parent of the year award.

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