Mon dieu, I just have a crazy good day today. The flow is totally with me so far and I just want to take the time to say thank you!

I don’t think everything shines through a blog. I mean we try to write about ups and downs in our lives but sometimes naturally we keep stuff from you all. Some times because it feels too close, or too personal or not interesting enough (even though I like to read blogs where they speak up both their minds and thought since it makes us feel more alike out there).  But we can also keep stuff because it sometimes is part of a process and then there are no words yet.

We love this blog. We love doing it together. We love to have a platform where we can be just who we are. And we love the interaction with all you readers.
We read, love and cherish all you comments! They mean the world to us!
Jenny is mostly very good to answer back on the comments straight away. I read them and then I answer in my head – thinking I’m going to write back on the computer. (I hate it  when the auto correct wants to spell all my English words in Swedish and it takes me ages to write in English on the phone). But we really try to keep the flow going.

Even though we are doing this blog for us and we are happy that you all tag along – naturally we also think much about how we come across. We want to build this platform, we want to do more of this embrace nonsense stuff we love! And we want to be us to the full extent. But it is not always easy. Half of the time, me myself have a hard time keeping up with  who I am and how does it then come across on the blog?

Me and Jenny are talking alot about what is Dosfamily supposed to be? Is it a lifestyle blog, is it an interior decoration blog? Is it a parenting thing or a DIY world?  Would it be better if we did more of one thing or another? We know we like it as it is, but for someone on the outside it can be hard to grasp – what do these women want to say to us exactly?
It is always easier to be black and white, to store people or things in a box. – They are like that. That blog is about designer homes all painted in white. A hot dog is a hot dog.
I also think this is part of the world right now. With all the influences we get all the time we want to know what we get fast or else we skip it.
But we don’t want to limit ourselves. We want to be everywhere cause it’s who we are. We are not black and white and we like to put ourselves in at least 100 different boxes.

Not long ago I read a great article in Icon Magazine written by Jan Gradwall. He writes about us hitting the “Like” button hundered times a day. We see an image on Instagram and like away after only a few seconds. We have made up our minds. But he also tells about the things he likes most in his life- that many of them have been taking years to like. For him some of those things was coffee and John Coltrane. I think this was an excellent point. Some things simply need time to grow on you. Somehow in rushing my life I’ve forgotten this.
But why bring it up right now?
Well cause I hope you don’t give up on us – it can take some time before you get us but once you do I hope you stay and have a chat!

And with all this said it was so fantastic waking up and reading the Blog love post from very talented Pip Lincolne (check out all the cool crafty DIY books she has made) on the Australian site JustB. This is what she wrote about us:

Pip seriously! I don’t even know where to start. But thank you so much for you post!
-somehow this shows us that there are more of you out there thinking and feeling a bit the same as we do! Who understands. And it’s such a great feeling!

I also want to take time to thank all of you who comment, give great shout outs on Instagram and also of course all of you who simply read this blog!

Now I start to get very emotional so I guess I better do some other work.

Huge kisses
Isabelle & Jenny