I have a tendency to go crazy bananas when it comes to certain decisions. Most of the time I know what I want but when I get stuck, I go mental. It’s like the choice takes over my body to the degree that I cant do or think anything else.
Last week I realized I needed glasses. It’s a first. But lately I have had loads of headaches and difficulties to focus on stuff – I can read without a problem but I get tired. Or my eyes does. So I went to do a check up. Then I got stuck in the store for a while but at the end picked out these two pairs. This choice was easy, I just felt good about them and I brought them home to feel them up a bit. In the store I was positive about the brown ones but then when I got home suddenly the black was the winners.
After asking on Instagram I got more than 100 comments and most of you thought the black pair was best. Then my mind went into a roller coaster.
I think this is very interesting how my focus can stop and the indecision becomes so strong. I am very good at analyzing things. And yes this pair I will wear like all the time so in my world, right now, it was a kind of a big thing. But I always have a problem when being like this. I feel like I’m a drama queen. But after this session I think I learned a lot about myself.
The conclusion after all must be that yes, I’m a bit of a drama queen but it’s my way to cope and I don’t think it is as hard on others as it is for me feeling as one. The second thing is that when I’m over analyzing everything I mostly, in the end have a pretty good idea of my choice and why I do it – which is a good thing. I also learn alot about my self. I move forward. This thing about the glasses is not only about black or brown naturally it goes deeper.

But the thing I learned the most is probably that I always pick funny in favor of classic.
Yeah, the stairs would probably look more beautiful without the dots but it’s funnier with them.
I could have built a great normal looking bunk bed but it’s funnier with a unicorn.
I felt more beautiful in a normal sense of way in the black glasses, black is more common in that way we are more used to it – me too.
But in the end I realized that the brown was just more fun so in a week they will live on my nose.

When do you get stuck?