Howdie runners!

How do you all feel?
This week has been a turning point for me. I ahve had so much energy. I’ve been running 4 times. Not very long and not after the program but still been able to push my body better than in a long time. Yay! I also went to Zumba. I love Zumba. Once I just swallow my pride and go with the flow it’s so much fun. Hilarious though how stiff and very very Swedish I feel when doing it. Like I never moved to the rhythm before…

Well good luck with the program – this week you should be able to pass 9 km!!! Way to go!
Here comes the program from coach Kvitter Javelin.


The whole program after the jump:

Warm up before all workouts:
Copy exercises from earlier weeks, I guess you are an expert and that you have your favorites by now. Keep in mind that its good to vary, though.

Stretch after every workout:
Stretch calves, hip flexor, front thighs, rear thighs, outer thighs and buttocks after every running workout.

Some inspiration:
Good stretches
More drawing of good stretches
Back muscles strengthening exercises.
Do it like the pro’s

3 sessions / week

Day 1:

Our way to a 9k running distance
Its good if you have looked out a loop of 9k before today’s workout.

If you cannot measure out a loop in advance and do not have a marked jogging trail, treadmill etc you can use, you can use time instead. In that case jog or run for 60-70mins.

Start jogging, continue in a tempo that feels good for you. During the 9k you pick the tempo you like. You can jog, run or walk but keep going until you have reached the goal of 9k, or your time estimate (60-70mins).  If you need to walk pretty much you add on extra minutes.

Day 2:
Intervals – alternate running and core stability
Choose a route or location where you can lie on the ground (I would not have chosen a street in the city ;))

Jog for 10mins
Run for 1k or 5-7mins
Stop running and start, without pause, to stand in the plank position for 30-60secs
more plank position.
Run for 1k or 5-7mins
Stop running and start, without pause, to stand in the plank position for 30-60secs
Run for 1k or 5-7mins
Stop running and start without pause to stand in the plank position for 30-60secs
Jog for 10mins

Day 3:
9k distance running
Today we will jog or run for 9k… Yes I know that’s pretty far but if you bring your best jogging temper and hit the distance you will be hugely satisfied afterwards.
Maybe you can use your loop of 9k you ran at the Day 1’s workout?

OBS!! Choose a tempo not faster than you can talk during your workout.  Take it very slow if you need but don’t stop. Your pulse should not disturb you!

Take a pause! Good Job!

And for all the earlier sessions go here.