When Jenny and I meet we talk so much that my head is continuously spinning. I will simple show some stuff we have done and most of all eaten these two days.

I picked her up at the airport and we went straight to the recycle center. Can you spot her doing my dirty laundry?

After recycling which is a thing Jenny feels at home doing we went to a spot with an American flag just to put her even more at ease- the little Americano lover that she is!

And she got a cup of coffee. We sneaked it in and took it down at the store Grandpa‘s basement.

Nice feet

Next to Grandpa is Christoffers Flowers and suddenly Stockholm feels like Berlin.

Carlos also tagged along!

Laters we had tacos at Nitty Gritty where the Taco Truck has a pop up store until middle of June.

Love this door at the Nudie store.

After working really hard we went down to Urban Deli to grab a bite.

Since I don’t eat meat – ordering Tuna is the closest thing I come to eat a steak. Yummi.

Every time I go to this place I laugh at myself thinking -“oh a DEli in the middle of Stockholm with a restaurant attached to it. THEY MUST BE KIDDIN'” I never thought it would work. But it’s full every night.

This is what a hungry Jenny looks like. I thinks she’s keeping it together pretty good?

I also found my friend Ossi.

And I tested a new camera! A Sony Nex-7. I get so excited when it comes to new technical stuff.

On our way home it had rained and the light was magic!

Now -my brain need to shut down. Due to creative overload.