Books good to go

These books are on my night table right now.

1. Sophie Kinsella I’ve got your number. I needed something whimsical right now to relax my brain. Just started with it.
2. The Other Hand by Chris Cleave.  Havn’t got a clue about what this book is about but I’m looking forward reading it.
3. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain.  A historical fiction on how it was living with Ernest Hemingway. My mother in law really recommended this one and I oblige! I’ve started and it’s very promising!
4. Konsten att säga nej by Jesper Juul. (The art of saying no to your kids). I simply have to get better on saying NO. To everyone not just the kids.
5. The Knight Watch – by Sergei Lukyanenko. It’s told to be like a Russian version of  Harry Potter. I don’t know. I like the book (it’s a serie 4 books I think). And it’s really funny cause every line I hear the russian accent loud in my head when reading. But I’m not totally in love. I think I even stopped reading 100 pages before the end. I will finish it though.
6. Grace a memoir by grace Coddington. Autobiography of the super stylist Grace with the mega red hair who has been working for Vouge for ages and who I fell in love with after watching the September issue movie.

What are you reading?


Ps, also on my nightstand you see the frigging best hand cream I ever had. Biotherm Biomains. quite expensive but last long and for all you cream your hands and can wash them the second after without loosing it down the drain!



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  1. jonna d May 8, 2013 at 14:22 #

    I am also readong The Paris Wife and I can’t put it done. It’s so good!
    //jonna d

  2. Matilda May 12, 2013 at 19:07 #

    I just finished The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It is s good! You laugh and cry! Read it!

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