I went to a parent meeting at school. Sitting there thinking that “oh don’t they all look at least ten year older than me” only to realize home in the elevator going up to my place, staring at my own face that:
1. I think every other parent, that have the good manner to drift their thoughts while the teachers are speaking about very important stuff and who are as ego as me,  think like that.
2. Apparently and apparently very obvious I’m also older.
When I got home I shuffled through some old papers finding an old order of the wooden floor to our cabin. I have been angry with the company since I ordered hard brushed planks with a heavy structure but I simply can’t find any structure at all. Well now I found the recipe and they have simply send me the wrong floor. This I realize about 3 years too late which makes me even angrier at my self for not checking it properly. So stupid.
Today I also went for a run during lunch and I felt really strong. Really, really strong. I put the Greyhound song on repeat and ran like a Greyhound horse. Ran straight to the store and bought a new pair of running shoes. Of course the where ugly. Why do most of them looks like a alien been cross bred with a robot but then not in a good way?
Now I’m sitting here with hiccups while my husband thinks it’s me crying. (It’s not I’m just in another room with hiccups).
If you wonder about the image above. Well I do too.