Hello runners!

Now we are starting to get professional – The Olympics here we come! No , just kidding but we are getting somewhere! Yay!
I’m still a bit out of the loop. But I hope I’m getting there in the end as well.
By the comments – there had been talk about doing races. I’d love to do one but I’m afraid I’m gonna go all in the first ten minutes and then die. Hopefully I will get better though.
Good Luck friends!

Do you have any special warm ups or exercises that you enjoy more than other from coach Kvitter? Please tell us!


Week 5 – Dos running club

Warm up before all workouts:
5 mins quick walk then use warm up moves from early weeks. Choose the ones you like and add moves if you have own favorites.

Stretch after every workout:
Choose favorite moves from early weeks. Keep in mind that calves, hip flexor, front thighs, rear thighs, outer thighs and buttocks are important to stretch after every running workout.

3 sessions / week
Day 1: Hit the distance
Start with 5 mins walking or slow jogging.  Then continue with 15 mins jogging (try not to stop. If its really hard to keep on jogging just jog very very slow.  Its okay). End with (fast) walking or slow jogging for 10 mins. If you feel alert you’re welcome to add minutes to the jogging part. Or you can run instead of jogging.

TIPS: If you want to have something to compare to further on measure the distance and exercise. Use a telephone app, watch, gps or pick a path you know the distance.
(note from Isabelle – I think the Run keeper app does a very good job)

Day 2: Run up another hill!
Do the warm up really good and jog (or power walk) for 15 mins.

Pick a hillside, not to steep, about 30-40 meters long. If you don’t find a hill you can use stairs.
Run that hill/stairs up as fast as you can and walk down. Do it again for about 10-12 times. You have to listen to your body and don’t work too hard but your heart should work hard but also be able to recover a bit on the way down.
End with 10-15mins jog/powerwalk.

Split in 2. Warm up – jog/powerwalk for 10 mins – run the hill 5-6 times – jog/powerwalk 5-10 mins  – run the hill 5-6 times – jog/powerwalk 5-10 mins.
If you feel you add some reps at the hill/stairs you welcome to do some more.
Day 3:
1mins quick walking – 2mins jog –
1mins quick walking – 4mins jog –
1mins quick walking – 4mins jog –
1mins quick walking – 6mins jog –
2mins quick walking – 7mins jog –
1mins quick walking – 6mins jog –
1mins quick walking – 4mins jog –
1mins quick walking – 4mins jog –
1mins quick walking – 2mins jog –
1mins quick walking
a total of  50min

Good Luck!

Thanks to Kvitter Javelin for making this Running Club happen!

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