Third day working together our heads was becoming more crazy than ever. How much information can you stuff in a brain?
How much can two gal’s talk?

Me, I could handle my concentration quite well…

Jenny on the other hand had got a bit of back problems- after staring at the computer for 3 days. She build a table.

And she ran around taking pictures of important stuff.

Like my shoes.

Here I think she’s channeling her inner Stevie Wonder.

Me as you can see was sitting at the same spot all day and working on my zombie screen look.

We only left the room for a quick bite.

Love this floor, think it’s from Marrakesh Design

And I love the lock love

Jenny saw too many people during lunch and really felt the need of booking a flight back home straight away and recharge her batteries watching this.

It’s been a fun and very productive couple of days!
Jenny I hope too see you soon again!


PS. We are staying at the bloggers inn at Scandic Grand Central.  Thank you Scandic Hotel for supporting us!