I feel alright – thank you for asking!
Today I have been hit on by a 70 year old. “I’ll be at the coffee place on the corner if you feel like it”, I also tried a menstrual cup for the first time and I’m telling you it’s a vjj revolution! Once you go cup you will never go buck! Wow- I am amazed. I also paid way to much for new face cream. Apparently I need all kind of formulas. Something about the age they ‘re telling me not like I’ve noticed.  I also got a lot of work done today. And I cooked some disgusting food that the whole family hated so much I had to cook a second dinner. High five for that one Isabelle. My youngest ran to the waste basket to spit it out. Cute.  I also been asked if I’d served time in Iraq after wearing my camo pants. While all the time I just thought I was fashion.
Hope your day was as good as mine!