It’s Sunday and it’s time for another week of running club.

Have you started?
Was it good? To easy or a good start?

I felt really heavy this week. I blame it on the winter. Like I’m tired – whatever I do. But I hope the running will help.

Thanks to coach Kvitter Javelin here comes the second weeks schedule:

Warm up before all workouts:
5min quick walk

10-20 meters hoppsasteg/high knees: watch it here.

10-20 metersΒ Tripling:Β 

10-20 metersΒ Skipping(kind of high knees):Β 

Do it again!

Stretch after every workout:
Calves, hip flexors, hamstrings, quads,

Great tips for stretching after running go here (also good tips about anatomy, injuries and other good to know stuff .
And another good video with 5 stretches.

Week 2 – Dosfamily running club

3 sessions / week

Day 1:Β 2mins quick walking – 3mins jog – 2mins quick walking – 3mins jogΒ for a total of 30min
TIP: Use clock / mobile and keep track of the time. Or make a playlist of about 2-3min long favorite songs where you go jogging every other song.

Day 2:Β Quick step walking 10mins + 5mins jog without a break (how slow any time but keep jogging) + Quick step walking 5mins + 5mins jog without a break (doesn’t matter how slow you go but keep on jogging) + Quick step walking 5mins

End with strength exercises, if you do them the running is going to be easier and the risk for injuries are gonna be far less: skater lounge 20-30reps, sumo squats 20-30reps, plank 30-60secs, flutter kicks 20reps
Watch them all here.


Day 3: Feel the need for speed-Β  interval training
5 min quick walking or slow jogging to start with then every 200meters (or if its difficult with meters you can count steps approximately 200steps, or 4 lamp posts) you change tempo by using intervals: walking or slow jogging if you can – fast walking or jog faster or run if you can. Do this for 20mins and then walk and jog down for a few minutes.
Very well done!

How are you feeling? What is the pro’s and con’s? Let me know!