The weather forecast says there is a storm headed our way. And the kids are staying home from school as a result. Being forced to stay home is the best thing. I love that. People should be snowed in more often. So cozy. The snowing is not too bad now but the wind is hard and cruel. Our house gets really cold when the wind is hard like today. You can feel the wind sneaking in the cracks of the house and around the windows. My feet are as cold as the tip of my nose. And we are all out of firewood. Isabelle you would not like it.

Picture above: Ducks standing still in the hard wind, trying to get away from me and my camera.

1. The storm is coming.
2. Eating pancakes for lunch
3. With my mom´s Lingonberry jam.
4. Viola has been working on some party invitations.
5. In the kitchen.
6. Big Jim in our book shelf.
7. Ask Thing about the skyroom.
8. We hooked up our Wii to the livingroom TV today. Now we can play Just Dance 4 to keep warm. Loving the tape that straps the cords to floor.


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