I share this person with my 3 siblings. She is Doris, our Mom. And today is her birthday.

A few cool facts about this incredible lady:

She is the kindest person I know.
She is so curious about things. All sort of things. Like Jens work or Viola´s school and “this new thing called Instagram?“. Not in a nosy way. She is genuinely interested.
She has worked hard all her life with dad in their Auto Paint Shop. Painting cars and carrying tractor tires. (No not really but my friends at school used to joke about it: “Jenny´s mom is so strong she can carry a tractors tire in one hand and a coffee cup in the other)
She has always been comfortable. Never cared for clothes nor Make Up or shaving (ok sorry mom, too much info.) And even though I love clothes and Make up I also love how she has taught me that it is totally fine if you don´t.

In the picture she is wearing one of Jens old shirts. She has many of his “hand-me-downs” and I love seeing her feeding the birds in an old Public Enemy tee or doing the dishes in a tee with “SLAYER” written in fake blood on the front.

She has also raised 4 kids to believe in them self.  I know she has had sleepless nights worrying about us, but she has never let it show. She has let us believe that we are capable. And we have all done some pretty adventurous things. Like moving to the US as teenagers. Starting a blog with an equally crazy person (Yes I mean you Isabelle) My little sister even booked a Rock and Roll band from the US to tour Scandinavia and after several booking nightmares it resulted in a successful tour and a record deal! (of course they stayed one night at moms house, playing the guitar all night while eating Swedish meatballs.)

Enough about us already!
Mom I could write a book about how cool you are.

Happy birthday!