Ever since I made Big Jim some new scuba gear he has refused to put anything else on. This has left his wardrobe and gun cabinet wide open for Barbie. She has been craving the outdoor life for some time now and says she can´t wait to go out on an adventure and live off the land.


“These clothes are so comfortable compared to what I´m used to wearing” Barbie says. “Too bad Jim has such a tiny tiny head cause none of the helmets fit me” she continuous

Prepared for danger




I had so much fun playing dress up with Barbie  that I was totally exhausted when it was time for me to name this blog post. (Just like last time)
And I just sat here staring at the screen for hours.

Can you help me come up with more appropriate title for this post about Barbie wearing Big Jim´s gear?
You did such a awesome job last time and it was so much fun reading all your creative suggestions.

The person with the best suggestion gets to choose any print in our shop.
Winner will be picked by Isabelle and I on Monday.

Thank you in advance


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