I know they have real names! Elisabeth from Fine little Day and Ulrika from Red Little Stuga. We were hanging out when I went to Göteborg last week. These two great creative minds I got to know via the wonderful internet. Fine Little day blog I have been following for a long time and both Elisabeths products and those from Little red stuga I have been using in different jobs. It’s kind of weird and funny meeting Elisabeth for the first time although I know loads just from seeing it on the web. Ulrika, I had met before. We had dinner at Hello Monkey. It was great!

Elisabeth also designs for House of Rym – one of the things they made are these lovely cups I got as a present! Yay!

Also from Elisabeths shop. The wallpaper is made by her son Otto!

And I think he drew these mountains as well?!

The cloud pillows from Ulrika and little red stuga has been my fav’ for a long time!

And this little flower I have at home. But in pink! Also from Little red stuga- great isn’t it!

Well ladies- it was an honor! Let’s do it again soon!