As usual we have tried staying at home as much as possible this week. Here are some pictures.

1. We finally got some hangers for all our jeans.
2. Viola has been hanging out a lot in her gymnastic rings.
3. Framed some old posters.
4. Took down a shelf and realized that I had not painted behind it. Now we have a square of our old wallpaper on the wall.
5. YOUTUBE TIP-Found  a guy called CinemaSins on Youtube. He uploads videos were he talks you through different movies like “Inception“, “The Dark Knight rises” , “Hunger Games“and more. In less then 8 minutes he tells us everything that is wrong in the movie, stupid, funny or just don´t make any sense. There is nothing I like better then talking TV and movies so it feels as if I have found a friend here.

I should make a “Everything wrong with Days of our Lives” but it would be impossible to fit in the 20-minutes video limit that You Tube lives by.