I had such a great day today. Lazy holiday time. Just enjoying my kids and doing as I please. And it was warm and springy outside. Great. I even went for a run. And ate lots of chocolate!

1. We have been watching alot of TV. Watched Ice age 4. I liked it better than the other ones.
2. The wash always end up on the stairs. Apparently I’m the only one who gets that whats laying on hte stairs is meant to be carried upstairs…
3. She have been having high fever for over a week. -Today it was a bit better for a while but then it went up again. Damn fever.
4. Found an old rabbit house made by the kids in the village. Love when they make their own.
5. The king and queen is still having a party.
6. Hello light. Today it was as warm as in june outside. I don’t know if this is good for being now or just a terrible proof of our Swedish summers.


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