Adding storage underneath your bed is to me brilliant. Chances are that stuff is going to end up underneath the bed anyway so you might as well plan for it.

Marcus (With company  Kombino Amöbel) made this bed for his son Sixten. The bed rests on old Ikea kitchen cabinets and is also firmly attached onto the wall. I think it looks great and love the stairs he made for it: Using an old table and a stepping stool from Ikea.

Between the wall and the cabinets there is a narrow passage leading you to the back of the framed picture. You can sit there (if you are tiny) and spy on people. I´m sure Sixten and his twin sisters Hedda and Edith do this a lot.

They chose such a fun portrait to spy from. Marcus drilled holes in it and in the board behind.
Also: I love the paint job on the stairs.


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