Hello friends!

Jenny and I have plans for world domination but we need your help!
Since the world is large but nowadays so small with internet and all, we where thinking that the best would be to ask you – if you want to work with us? Besides the blog we have lots of interesting projects coming up and even more ideas.

What we are looking for:

1. A programmer.
Yes, we know you are hard currency out there but we have ideas and plans that can be fabulous! We are thinking programming for making apps and fun tablet stuff.

2. Art director/graphic designer
We do alot of the basics but sometimes we need someone else to organize and add that something little extra to our work. Are you the one?

3. Intern/asistant with Isabelle
This one need to be in Stockholm, Sweden. Hopefully it can be for a long period but I also need someone for different projects only. I know I get lots of emails about being an assistant or intern but it haven’t always matched my time with the different projects. So please let me know again if you are up for it. I need someone who is creative and have a sence for style but also are good with organizing things. I need help with everything from finding things for shoots, to make dIY or find stuff on the internet. It’s best if you have a driving license. I will help you with contacts and simply show you the ropes in my world.
Update – I have got emails about being an intern this summer but normally my work is kind of still during that period so unfortunately summertime assistants is not really needed.

If you are interested please send us a mail with some sort of portfolio via
the contact form or isabelle (at) dosfamily.com

We would love to hear from you and even more work with you!
Isabelle & Jenny


We have been getting many mails about this and are sooo very happy! But it will get some time to get back to you so please be patient with us! Thanks!!

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