This guy I know, Martin Adolfsson have been doing a really cool project these past 6 years. Now he is doing a kickstarter campaign to get the project to be a limited edition book. You can buy the book/posters/special editions and see even more images and information on his kickstarter page here. And hurry up cause you only have 4 more days to back him up! A book costs from 50 dollars. But you can also just buy a set of postcards…
His whole portfolio is right here.

Martin writes this on his Kickstarter site:
For the past six years I’ve been photographing model homes built for the newly minted upper middle class in emerging economies around the world. The model home works as a 1:1 scale “no assembly required” model for the potential home buyer that is fully decorated up to and including family photos of John Kerry.
The project has been described as a combination of positively amusing and awkwardly eerie, a document of a telegenic standardization that increasingly reflects the constructed world of The Truman Show. I’ve used model homes as a vehicle to describe the economic and cultural homogenization that is now occurring in many developing countries. The work includes every continent (except Australia) and more specifically the suburbs of Bangkok, Shanghai, Bangalore, Cairo, Moscow, Johannesburg, São Paulo and Mexico City.

I think it is a really cool and interesting project!

All images by Martin Adolfsson.