Even though I´m sure many of you already know about David Lynch´s Interview Project. I still want to write about it. The project started back in 2009 and then you had to wait for every episode on the blog. Now, however, the roadtrip is over and the team have uploaded all 121 short interviews here! They are perfect for you coffee break at work.

You can listen to David lynch talking about the project by clicking here. But in short it is a collection of video interviews made on a roadtrip that a production team took around the US. Produced by Lynch. They stopped people that they found interesting asking them for an interview. Below you can see their route.


You can start with this sweet lady. Watch Mrs Dennis by clicking here!

Or Derald Merryman a 90 year old man living in Nebraska, by clicking here.
Btw: This video tells you alot about why I love the state of Nebraska so much: Like Derald´s kind way of talking and his fashion and also the summer light, it is all so nice.