American Gods
by Neil Gaiman

This book is a brick and I actually need your help cause I don’t know if I love it or just think it’s weird. I picked it up at the airport going to New York. A fellow fantasy lover aka the salesgirl at the shop told me it was the best book ever. Well I couldn’t put it down but the reading was slow.

It’s about Shadow. He just got out of jail when weird things starts to happen. Apparently there is war between the Gods – old ones like Thor and Odin and Shiva and Elves and what ever actually people believes in. Shadow is somehow in middle of all of this – like a shadow. Read a plot summary at the wiki page here and the NY times Review over here.

I like the idea of all the Gods in one place, one countryย  – all these people in America believing in different things and sharing space. Both people and beliefs. And how does the Gods cope with getting forgotten and replaced by new ones? I believe in believing. I think it’s good to share and beleive in stuff but what you believe in is of less importance. If you get comfort by Allah it’s fine for me,ย  if going to a football game and scream on your Gods – like Zlatan or Messi. If it does the trick for you it’s also fine for me. So this book was a good way to learn more about different myths, legends, Gods and Beliefs. Maybe I didn’t know enough from the start. Maybe the book was a bit of the same. Maybe my English isn’t good enough for this myths and paths and strains of thoughts? I don’t know.
But what I do know is that even if a book is hard to read I love when it linger and this is the case with this one.

Hbo is going to make a 6 season series of the book soon which could be great – I hope.

So have you read this book and what did you think about it?