Hello Friday and hello vacation!
My head is already in a Christmas spirit and I’m only doing lazy stuff. We are in our cabin in Dalarna and having a great time. The kids are happy, we are building small slopes behind the house, going for picnics in the woods and eating lots of candy. So well deserved!
Tomorrow we will do a special holiday greeting here on the blog then we will slow down a notch until the new year.


Some stuff from this week:
I couldn’t sleep last night and got this tip via Facebook. I laughed so hard I fell out of my bed and woke my hubby. Love these people.

Lovely nature images from 2012

Swedish parents- read this blog from behaviorist Petra Krantz Lindgren. I think she has very wise things to say about how to talk to your kids!

And the textย  ร…sa Lindeborg about being threatened after her pieces about the extreme rights hate sites. It’s in Swedish but a must read for you who can.


A merry mishap
Emmas Vintage