When I was on Gokväll I got made up. During all the years on TV I always filmed on location and did my own make up. Since it’s not something I know or have much time to do I basically do the same all the time. I own a hairdryer but mostly dry glue with it when doing DIY’s. I don’t think I ever used it on my hair. But I was very pleased with how it all turned out this time. Sorry to say I forgot the girls names (Emily and Sandra?). Most of the time I feel like a overdone crazy old lady with pancake face and hard rouge brake tracks all over when I get my make up done so I tend to get a bit nervous. The other thing is also that I started to see with myself that I know what I want and get less and less patience with letting others have their way (when it comes to job stuff). But I don’t like this trait. It’s good to know what you want but when I start to become less open minded to what other people have to say or their ideas then I’m just a stupid old hag. I think it’s one of the key things in life – to be curious. But also as a woman to give room and help other women even if they are younger and up and coming. It’s something we would all agree to but after talking with 40+ women I’m hearing it’s becoming harder and harder. Like there is a period of change. That as a woman you will not be looked upon in the same way. You are becoming more and more invisible and it’s so sad. Anyway I sat in the make up room and I was so prejudice about these girls. They where young and a little shy at first but very sweet. And I was nervous that I would look crazy and thinking about how it probably was better if I did it myself bla bla bla, -then I opened my eye’s and got so happy with the results. So in my mind I was a bitch. I hope you see what I mean by this. I kind of learned a lesson here. That even when I think I’m open minded – my head is doing other stuff. Gotta fight it!

And now I want a flat iron for my hair or do you call hit hair straightener? And which one should I buy to be able to do these curls and cinnamon bun on my head? Can you help me out here?