This is Beppe. He is really funny. He makes me crazy in love but also really nuts. He loves fencing and then he makes these small noices Vrrr, vrrr, vrr I guess it’s a laser sword but he hasn’t watched any Star Wars  movies so I wonder how he would know. Ask him about  the vasa ship and he will go on forever. He keeps on talking about Andres Franzen the guy who found the boat after all the years in the sea. They do great projects about it in school. When he sleeps he wants to bring 100 pillows and stuffed animals everywhere. We need a lorry just to go to bed. He has huge feet. He tells me I cook the same food all the time. He always wakes up before 06.00 and only eats his whey cheese never the bread. The little spot just underneath his ears smells like all the chocolate in the world.
Today he’s three years old and he is the best! Love you so much!

Beppe has been talking about a Darth Vader cake for weeks. I colored cream and did my best. No one liked it. It tasted good but I think since the cream looked like house filler – it was weird eating it.
Beppe took one look at it before saying:
– Oh mum – cool. Can I have some ice cream now?
The little brat.

I used the party boxes we designed for Ica – you can still buy them here!

Easy decoration with Washi tape on the wall.

Now we’re going to have another party. Haven’t you heard that 3 is the new 50! Or maybe I’m just a partyzilla.