Reminder – Take a family portrait

I´ve been getting some great Family Portraits this week, I will upload them tomorrow. And for you who have not taken one yet: let me just say Sunday is the best day for a family portrait. Especially if the weather is as nice as it is here in Skåne today. Read how to JOIN HERE!

Our family portrait , above, needs an update: first of all Frank was not born then and secondly I hardly recognize myself with that blond short hair. But I love that we took the time to haul our sofa out in the field next to our house and put the camera on a tripod.

“The group photo is really underestimated I think.  And it does NOT have to look like the ordinary family photo that you take at the local photography studio. No. Use your cellphone, a photo booth or your camera on a tripod (like we did). It does not take long and seriously: how many pictures do you have of the whole family together? Not many I bet!”
From our last Family Tour 2009.