Yes we can!
We are here, alive and truly kickin’!

Love the weird alien feeling of sitting in a cab going from the airport when I travel. The tiredness and the anticipation.
The feeling of where the hell am I?

The room wasn’t ready so we took a little stroll around the block. Love the hair rubber bands lollipop found at Whalgrens and the deco at Urban Outfitters!

Ok – let’s do the touristy obligatory “look at us with a pizza slice in hand” photo! What you can’t see in that photo is a man playing saxophone just behind us and another standing in a kind of baby/spandex outfit giving a performance next to us. I chickened out taking their photos. But now I admit while writing this- tht it would have been much more interesting for you to watch- than my pizza…
The other shot is the view from our room at the Standard in East Village

We went for dinner at Indochine it was delicious and great company with mrs janch! To dark in there so I give you photos of other food options and the Gimli dwarf  in a tiger suit!

This morning I cured jet lag with M&Ms. It’s a tradition in our family. We love a room with a view and an extra large bag of M&Ms. Well who doesn’t?
xxx Isabelle