I have been searching around but still not really understood if this lighting a candle for every Sunday counting down to Christmas Eve is something you do besides in Scandinavia? But this is how we do it. The first week you only light the first candle, the next week the two and so on. At the end the candles form a nice kind of stairs.
Since I don’t really like the typical Christmas colors I decided to go for a more of a pastel ones.
I bought the bottles at Granit but you can use any bottle you like.

I colored the bottles from within. I really tried to this in many different ways but without success. At first they looked great but after a couple of hours the color just slide down the glass surface. I think it was since the bottlenecks are so slim that the color don’t dry easily. In the end I used acrylic paint mixed with mod podge glue. You pour the color in the bottle and then swirl it around until it is all covered. Then let it dry upside down so all the excess paint is pouring out. I also used a hair dryer (if you have a cold button on it- use it). Then it stuck. But beware it can be tricky! You can do multiple layers but if you are unlucky the second layer will take down the first. Also wash the bottles before painting, preferably in a dishwasher and also clean in with some industrial alcohol – it will help the color to stick.
If you think this is too much of a hassle just spray paint the outside of the bottles – it will look swell as well! I also painted numbers on the bottles but I think it looks even better without!



I also made these for the morning show on TV4 as you can see here!


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