Weekend again! Yaay!
My family sucks at making plans for the weekend. Sometimes it’s a good thing – just taking it as it comes. But mostly I find that most of our friends are pretty organized so then we are standing there without having anyone to play with. Right now I’m mostly tired that everything evolves around the kids. Love them to death but I only want to lay in bed watching Breaking Bad and other series all week end. Here in Sweden Netflix just entered the scene and right now you get the first month for free!

What are your plans?



Other things I liked this week:

Need a few moments of meditation or simply just feeling like you want to be somewhere else? Try Calm.com (via Swissmiss)

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Johanna Swanbergs blog with lots of popcultural funny stuff and crazy cats.

Tips of best looking apps (via design sponge)

Podcasts about design “After the jump” with Grace Bonney

New Swedish interior bloging portal Lovelylife.se

The Nike Gyakusou collection – want it all!