It´s time for another playlist, this time with a Friday/weekend-theme. It starts with a slow morning. I’m usually very tired when I wake up. (I tend to stay up way to late at night.)
Then it´s time to be constructive and work hard and finally I think everyone should do some dancing. Alone in your house or out with your friends, doesn’t matter, just do it!

I’m celebrating my birthday this weekend. Nothing special, I’m not very keen on celebrating my own b-day (others are fine).
My kids are going away so I’m planning to hang out with my friends and do the usual stuff but surrounded by silence.

What are you guys up to, any plans? Don’t forget that if you want to share some good weekend tracks with us please do so in the “songoftheday” playlist.

Have a nice weekend! /Emilia



Postal Service – Sleeping in
Gossip – Get a job
Dolly Parton – 9 to 5
Nina Simone – Work song
Patti Smith group – Piss factory
Le Tigre – T.G.I.F
Class Actress – Weekend
Madonna – Holiday
Jonathan Richman – I was dancing in the lesbian bar
The Cure – Friday I’m in love

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