Blog´nhagen – a sponsered collaboration – part2

This summer we went to Copenhagen for a day of Blognhagen. A whole day full – hanging with other bloggers experiencing some of the cool things Copenhagen has to offer. We had so much fun! This is the second part of that day. Read the first part here!

As we already told you we drove around town in golf cart from Copenhagen By Cart. When Maria and Brittany told us we were one driver short I (Isabelle) volunteer instantly. (Jenny ads “I knew Isabelle was going to, she is totally fearless that one”.)

Again we have to tell you how much we liked the Royal Cafe If you go to Copenhagen it is a must! Love the picture of the owner as a teen in a gold frame.

We had many stops in the afternoon, it was a busy schedule. One of them was at Vipp. While sitting on top of their kitchen they told us about how it all began. If you want to see the kitchen without girls click here!

We also visited the Brown Prince, that I wrote about here!

Copenhagen By Cart Driving us on the shopping street Ströget. Totally lawless on the street. Loving it.

Here is the route we took: The Map

The lovely Swedish blogger Anna Leena. Her blog is a total contrast to ours- all black and white.

Foam kisses  – Flodderballen or something like that. We made them our self but mostly me and Jenny got crazy with the chocolate.

We where at the chocolate house Anton bergs little studio/shop AXoco. There they are looking for the future of chocolate and experimenting and stuff. We had some great chocolate with whole nuts and salt.
Here you can see the other side of this story

Jenny is getting foxy at  Anton Dam It’s a big shop with all the big furniture brands. By now we where just a little tad tired. With so many things going on during a day.

Last stop was lslands brygge Havnebad – a great location where they have kept parts from the old harbour and intergrated it into the new park. There we met up with other bloggers from Copenhagen. Picnic provided by Sticks’n’sushi with ginger beer on top of it all.

We were so happy to see Mette from Ungt Blod at the picnic. She was kind enough to take our portrait.  Follow her Instagram @ungtblod

See the Blog´nhagen movie here!

Such a fantastic day! thanks you all!

This is the second part of that day. Read the first part here!

Also: You can visit Blognhagen´s Facebook for more info and photos.

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September 13, 2012 at 16:13

Flødeboller ;)

I can’t believe I haven’t been to the Royal Café since they redecorated it (a lot of years ago!) – thanks for reminding me to go:)