We just bought an Ipad -yay! I love new technical stuff.
Now I’m wondering what’s your favorite apps and magazines for it?

Jenny gave me the tip about Martha Stewart Living and Frankie mag.
Frida from the Swedish blog Trendenser just made a magazine as well – in English.

The Taschen also looks lovely!

We also play all the Toca Boca games a lot and Beppe like the Puzzle – Pysseläventyret. Erik got hooked on Bejeweled and me I am just amazed of how good all the photo’s look! It’s like seeing them for the first time again.

But what do you have for magazines, games or other stuff that you do with your Ipad?
Please let us know!

Ps, I would love to find a game that both kids can play with each other at the same time do you know one?