My mother Doris is very thrifty and she rarely buy anything new for her projects. TAKE WHAT YOU HAVE, is her motto.

She got the idea for this tent when Frank and Viola stopped using the swing set in her garden. The old metal swing frame just stood there unused. And she decided on turning it into a tent.

The tent is made from old blankets that has been in her house since the 70´s. (I´ve snuggled on them as a baby I´m sure)
4 whole blankets were used like this: 1 for bottom. 2 for the sides. And 1 blanket was slit into two triangles used as back and front (given zipper for entrance)

They are sown together and I guess the only tricky part is adding the zipper. (that Doris took from an old garment bag)

To keep the tent from sagging at the top she added a flower stick as support, it runs all they way from the front to the back, like a spine. She also added some string that ties to the metal frame – this lifts everything so make them sturdy!

Like most tents this tent need to be stretched and hammered to the ground.  Mom used screwdrivers as stakes and hammered down 3 on each side and that´s it!