When we bought this house our garden did not have much to offer but mud. It had no flowers, no lawn and no trees.

We´ve worked hard on restoring it, but it takes time. A tree does not grow all that much in 4 years. People who know me know I have little patience. I want thing done yesterday! But my garden forces me to set that aside.

With the risk of sounding a bit corny I have to say that when I´m outside I ´m on a vacation from my impatience self. Small steps like pulling some weed or dividing a big plant into several small ones gives me great satisfaction.

Like in the picture above: The two plants in the baskets are rescued from a weed infested flowed bed in our garden. I myself planted them a few years back and then I just let mother nature have her way with them. And O´boy did she do a terrible job and they nearly died from all the weed attacks. Now they are back to where they started: in pots.

See that crap filled shed in the back? Well I guess I would see it too if I wasn’t busy enjoy my garden.