It was time to leave the country. Time for some sun, good food and simply doing nothing. We chose Corsica since we got great tips about it. A great beautiful island. I would love to go back.

It’s always a bit scary to go out in the sun after being hidden away all winter. I feel so naked. But summer is my favorite part of year. I don’t understand people who feels differently.

This is the pirate dame edna look – Beppe went for most of the trip.

I used to be like “There is something about Mary’s” aunt, spraying sun tan oil all over and sunbathing on mirrors. Now it’s SPF 50, shade, glasses and a dorky hat on top. And hopefully I live until I’m 150 years old.

Vive la France! When I went to visit my mum in Belgium she always kept BabyBels in the glove compartment for me. On this trip we realised that the wax was A kind of perfect travel play doh.

While Della’s been swimming forever. Now even the swim with socks thing…

Beppe only realized the last hour before the flight back home that swimming was swell. He refused leaving the pool. I am happy he got that far but he kind of missed all the fun all week.

I love the messy handwriting of a first year writer.

Where are you going on vacation?