The other day during breakfast I found my 5 year old filling in the pattern on the table cloth with an ink pen. I asked what she was doing and she went totally wild on me. Then she hid under her brothers bed and had a tantrum. After a while she climbed up in her bunk bed and calmed down.
An hour later when we where dressing to go to school and the kids where in the elevator. I remembered that Della needed her water bottle for their excursion that day so I ran inside to get it from up in her bed.

Then I found that she had drawn horses, flowers and ballet girls on the wall – up in the bunk bed.
I realized that after her tantrum earlier on – she had climbed up in her bed and continued to draw while I was mad at her for drawing at the table cloth. (Oh the nerve…). When I confronted her about it she said.
– I am so sorry mum. I will never draw on my sheets again!
That I had missed.

I later made her rub the ink of the wall even though I thought it looked quite cool and beautiful.
But damn it is so hard sometimes.
Knowing how to act, react and simply just be the best parent possible.