Ursula-being smug as usual

cool kids.

Okay so the kitchen is not ready yet. We have to paint and stuff. But the nice weather just keeps getting in the way. Anyway… Our skeleton Åke has found his place in the new kitchen.

This is a picture I took when I was shooting on my Hasselblad camera, many years ago. When I developed it I realized that a small piece of paper had gotten stuck in the film cassette. Still like it though.

Our “new” kitchen will hold so much storage you will not even believe it. I´ve planed for all those activities that always happens in the kitchen that ARE NOT food-related. Like reading. Coloring. Making race tracks. and so on.  You´ll see. It will be epic!

Also my white porcelain collection has bubbled in size this last week. I stole this collecting-idea from stylist Jennifer Jansch´s home.