So today is the launch of our party-stuff!
Yaay – I am so excited!
There is probably going to be no shutting me down about this project since I have so much to show you. But we start simple as this.
We made a book Alla Balla Kalas (clueless of how to translate it All Cool Parties – sounds corny in English but somehow works in Swedish.)
In the book you get over 200 tips mostly -DIY, games and other smart things to think about when your going to have a party for your kids or if you simply want to spice up everyday with some party-glam.

Then we made this party box with six of each. Plates, mugs, napkins, candy-bags, glasses, horns and placement cards. There is also a poster with a game (what do you call the game when you get blindfolded and then have to draw a tail on a pig (or like now a dog)? The poster also have some recipes and other tips.
The book only costs 50 kronor (about 5 Euro/7 Dollares) and the party box 99 kronor (11 Euro/14 Dollares) and will be sold at ICA.

Table Cloth

Wrapping paper

Ann Söderlund, Christina Breeze Le Guellaff and me – who is behind all of it!

So what do you think?

xxx Isabelle

See behind the scenes photos here – Monster party
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Free cupcake crochet pattern – here.