A weekend without the kids. Only snow, skiis and love! We went to Åre and stayed at Fjällgården.
Loved it. Great hotel and the little village has it all. Good food, sweet houses and ambiance.
Wherever you go it’s great service – probably the best in Sweden.

Erik is reading this book about writing. One exercise is to explain stuff for aliens.
Pretty hard when it comes to skiing.

Well, you sit in a sofa and fly up on a mountain, strap heavy boots on sticks and off you go.
Over and over again.
– Just tell them it’s fun? That you get butterflies in your stomach! And want to scream in the speed.

They don’t have feelings – was my hubby’s answer.

One thing I can tell the aliens is that I am not 15 anymore. What was I thinking? Took this big jump and then I had to go and see the doctor… with a sprained knee.
I almost kissed the doctor when he told me nothing was thorned.
Della told me over the phone. Next time you want to jump mum. Say NO, NO, NO to yourself.

I had to stay in the last day. Just watching the mountains instead of exploring them.
Still what a great weekend! So important to do stuff without the small animals.


xx Isabelle