Birds! I love them. I feed them more often then I feed my own kids. With the snow comes lots of birds, that usually find their food elsewhere, to our sunflower seeds. I can watch them for hours.

For you bird-nerds out there here´s a list of our current collection of birds who eat in our garden.
Bullfinch (You handsome devil you!!!)
Redbreast/British Robin. (very outgoing, he is not shy at all)
Bluetit (They usually stay all year. Make nests in our birdhouses)
Waxwing (my all time favorite , they don´t care for the seeds though, they eat berries)
Chaffinch (I used to draw these birds often for my dad when I was a kid. They are his favorite bird)
House Sparrow, of course. (So common here but still nice. They sing quite a lot already. )

I´m so glad my dad taught me to appreciate bird. To see them.  To hear them. I really try to pass this on to Viola. Imagine a garden without birds. It´s like Angry Birds without.. well.. birds.