In the second episode of Fixa Rummet Isabelle and her team helped Kaspian and his little sister Nike.
They have one and a half kind of room with stairs in between. We fixed a bed under the stairs, a slide down the stairs and a animal kingdom above the stairs!” Isabelle says.

I went to photograph the room and I must say these kids were just as awesome live as they were on the show. And the room looks great.

This is Nike, she loves Eric Saade.

…and this is Kaspian, who applied to be on the SVT Fixa Rummet show, with a grand plan.

… he wants to become a veterinarian and why wait until your grown up to live your dream…

Isabelle helped him with his plan and made a animal hospital in his room.


An old cabinet turned in to a hospital for those in need.

Nike has a little nest under the stairs.

Barefoot on soft carpet

Plastic animals for knobs


Please do doodle