I was thinking about a new series of posts here at Dosfamily. I am going to call it – About decorating.
It could be certain ideas, tricks or things I have been using in my work.

The first is from my own home in Stockholm. I love color. I think we have two walls in the whole apartment in white. But I still don’t think it looks like you entered a paint store just because. I have used these dirty pastels with a 50′ feel to it. The effect is more cosy and warm than
“-Oh  you have so much color everywhere – feeling”.

Our apartment has an open planning. Hallway, kitchen, living and the childrens room a one open space. With a planning like that and not that many square meters I don’t have much hanging on the walls -it would be too much, the feeling would be even more cluttered.
That is also the reason why I painted the doors, architraves and trims in the same colors as the walls.

Since there are so many doors it would have given a messy impression if I had painted them white which is what you normally do in Sweden. And you would only think about how many doors there are everywhere. Now the paint works like camouflage.
The bottom image is by Jonas Gustavsson for Family Living. (It’s also shot with extra lights – the colors are more natural on the images on top).
As you can see pastels can also be a good base to make other/stronger colors pop!