Does this look like a normal cupboard to you? Well it’s not.
Or the cupboard actually is but there is something in there holding a secret. Can you spot it?

Since I can’t build a secret door in my apartment (you know you enter a bookshelf and get out in the garden) I had to do a second best thing and something my kids will love.

All you need is an old book and a sharp knife + some glue. Important to use a book with extreme quality.

Then you start to cut out a simple shape. Take some pages at the time, fold and then cut again. You professionals can even cut a hole in a shape like in the movies.

The just start to glue folks. Keep in mind that when you open the book the back will bend so close the book every once in a while to get it straight. You can even skip the glue but then your objects will fall out more easily.

– Oh my preeciouus (-you have to say this out loud – right now with a Gollum voice)