I really wish I could do that. Take control over our clothes. Throw some out. Organize and be in charge. But the truth is that when everything is washed we can´t fit it all in. So the clean clothes lie in stacks here and there and often they get mixed in with the dirty stuff and then ..oh well.

I visited a family in Malmö who had built an extra wall between their bed and the window, hung two rods and with that created a small wardrobe. The stuff that did not fit in there had to go. Sure they also had a separate wardrobe for some folded clothes, but still this is freedom to me. I think I´m going to try this. Also the air from outside keeps it crisp and fresh. Don´t you think it looks nice?

More clothes storage in this nesting-post.


What is Nesting on Dos Family?

When I am out visiting people I see so many “good Ideas” that I collect with my camera. It can be neat everyday things like clever storage solutions for your clothes or just fun decor.
Small things that give your home a little more swag or simply make it more efficient.

The ones I am drawn to are often thrifty and pretty effortless and I hope you find them just as inspiring.
Also all of them are photographed by me or Isabelle. And sometimes they are from our own homes.