This past week I made this booth. It was a way to show the clients new products for this spring/summer. We wanted to make a dream garden where the stuff had come alive. Like the beach towles became clouds and we made a napkin/candy tree.

Say hello to Mr BBQ. Everything got big cool eyes. I love it when things get humanified.

Flyswatters turned the garden into Teletubbies land. And with some Napkin- Decoupage the picket fence was made brand new.

Plastic cutlery made the color and patterns on the front of the house. Napkins on the tree and as pom poms (great tutorial here).

I customized the Scooter with one of the rabbits and some napkins. Della wants the same on her scooter – gonna be fun! The table got covered with a table cloth that I made of several dishcloths sewn together.

Can you spot the lemon bee’s at the back? And more eye’s on stuff.

Imagine what a great job I have, gluing cutlery on walls and giving things funny eyes! Crazy.