How could one choose.. so many nice, sweet, funny and warm comments.

But one lingered with  me and I actually thought of it first thing when I woke up this morning. It seems that was the kind of peptalk I so needed cause I even took a picture of Viola (above)

This is the winning comment:

“Hello, Hello!
Sending you southern european sunshine with priority mail. It is very spring-y here, no smell of winter yet, seems like we skip it.

Love your blog, reading it for hm…ages, but true, I never comment.
Sipping coffe and reading inspiring blogs is my favourite routine on not so cool days.
I know writting a blog is not so easy as it seems, takes a lot of will and time. I tried once but gave up.
keep carry on this blog, we do appreciate it. Readers from all over the world, even thought we usualy don’t comment.

I beleive that most of the comments were not encouraged just by giveaway, but to make your day.
And as for Carl, I already got mine and i thank you for that.

Love and joy from Slovenia

Maja from Slovenia please send me your adress and the Carl of your choice. jenny(at)dosfamily(dot)com