I come from a rich tradition of “getting things done in the last minute”. My mother fondly tells me about what a thrill it was getting up of the morning of Christmas and seeing all the things that grandmother had spent the whole night hanging and wrapping and decorating.
(By the way my grandmother was a perfectionist when it came to Christmas, once grandad had to return the tree 3 times before she was happy with it. )

95 % of the time our house is very messy, Not only do we have 57 projects going on at the same time but also we are messy by heart.

5 % of the time, when our house has been cleaned up nicely, like on the night before Christmas eve,  I really enjoy it. I prance around preferably with a box of chocolates, purring like a cat, tweaking the last details. And I´m sure this feeling of satisfaction had not been as intense if the house had been clean 100% of time. I like the contrast.

Yes you are right: I DID take that light bulb and and gave it to the star

Viola has become quite tidy though. Her room is alway the nicest room to be in.